Child Protection and Safety Training

ASV has been developing and participating in an advanced professional development training program on International Child Protection and Safety.  It is imperative that ASV and its staff are professionally developed in the prevention and detection of child abduction, sexual abuse and exploitation.  It is unfortunate that children face a world with these types of threats; however, as a school community, we believe that we best serve our students by being well-prepared for circumstances that we hope will never occur in these particular scenarios.

The professional development training program is being offered by Ms. Yolanda Murphy-Barrena who has extensive experience in international education, developing child protection protocols, was a founding member of the International Task Force on Child Protection and collaborates with the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

The child protection professional development  for the ASV Child Protection Team, which is comprised of  fifteen (15) ASV staff members across all  academic and operational areas of the school, has been extensive and has evaluated all areas of school operations.  While all ASV staff members have received specific professional development on child protection, all auxiliary personnel (bus monitors, kitchen staff, and cleaning staff), who are not employees of the school but have contact with students, were also required to participate in mandatory child protection training.

ASV will continue with additional professional development of its staff in 2019-2020, as well as with workshops for parents followed by age-appropriate workshops with students.

As an international school that cares deeply about children, we hold steadfastly to two basic principles: all children have equal rights to be protected from harm and abuse, and everybody has a responsibility to support the protection of children.

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