Changes in the 2020 IB Diploma Results

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The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) finished the revision of the results earned by the group of Grade 12 students taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma in 2019-2020.

Although the IB results from July 5 were very satisfactory, our High School leadership team analyzed the IB grading criteria (this year the IB assessments were canceled and the IBO used internal grades and other assessments) and made an official request to the IBO to review the results.

By August 17, 2020, the IBO released a communication recommending several grade adjustments and ASV is pleased to share that 24 ASV candidates earned an improvement in their IB results, which more accurately reflects their actual performance during the two years of the IB Diploma Program. Additionally,  the Class of 2020 IB average improved from 30.6 to 32.1 and the ASV pass rate also improved from 90% to 97%.  We would like to congratulate the 2020 class and their families for this success!

These results refer to a part of the ASV 2020 Graduating Class: students taking the IB Diploma.  The other part is made of students following the itinerary that leads to the American diploma and, complementary, take the PCE-EBAU exams to be admitted by Spanish universities. (Read here about the amazing results achieved in their tests).

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