Celebration of Learning: A Look at Grade 5 Multimedia Projects

As it was recently announced to the school community, Elementary Celebration of Learning is scheduled for May 10, 14:30-15:30.  We hope parents with children in these grades can come to share in the cross-curricular projects and take part in the demonstration of what students have learned this year.

Throughout the year, across grade levels, teachers have given careful consideration to integrating technology in their instruction. Grade 5 has been developing an interdisciplinary unit called, What’s Chemistry Got to do With It? Throughout March and April, students have been exploring the ways in which Chemistry concepts can be applied to other subjects areas and their daily lives. Several iPad apps including a Green Screen editing app, comic life creator, and stop motion animation are platforms that students are using in order to show what they’re learning.

They are excited to share the results on May 10. Use the hashtag #ASVLearningDay to find online ASV’s posts on this event and feel free to add your own comments on social media.

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