Awareness of World Diabetes Day

This month, the ASV Infirmary Team is approaching Elementary students to increase awareness on diabetes. Last week, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day (November 14), Ms. Inma Requena and Ms. Silvia Chamorro visited Grade 2 to offer a short talk about how they supervise students with diabetes.

Ms. Inma and Ms. Silvia led their talk with a “co-presenter”: Blanca, a Grade 6 student who has diabetes and volunteered to explain how she handles this condition everyday at school.

ASV has an internal diabetes protocol that organizes the school workflow for students with diabetes and provides guidance and support for faculty-staff. The ASV Diabetes Protocol has been presented and well-received at professional conferences.

Learn more about diabetes and school-aged children by reading this article: 10 Warning Symptoms of Diabetes at School Age (School Nurses)

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