ASV Teams at the European Sports Conference Soccer Tournaments

Two teams represented ASV in the soccer tournaments recently organized by the European Sports Conference, a group of international schools collaborating to promote athletic activities among their student communities.  The Girls Varsity Soccer Team traveled to Munich, Germany, to compete in the Soccer Division 2; the Boys Varsity Team was in Lausanne, Switzerland, playing the Division 1 event. Coach Ojelade and Ms. Farkas supervised the girls trip.  Coach Jordi Ballester and Mr. MacLarty were part of the boys expedition.

Games took place on Friday, November 15, and Saturday, November 16, and players stayed with families of each host school.  The girls team, made mostly of Middle School students, finished in fourth position, “a worthy result considering the average age of their contenders” coach Ojelade remarked.  The boys team was third and won the award for the most sporting team “which is voted by the other participating teams.”

Some players achieved individual awards: Marc T. was the MVP, or best player of the boys tournament; Nearco Z and Dani T made it onto the boys All-star team while Ella J and Tiffany L were selected for the girls All-star team.

“Overall, both teams were an absolute credit to ASV and have contributed massively to our reputation amongs the ESC as a school which competes in sports with a high level while demonstrating an understanding of our strong values”, said Mr. Ojelade. “During and after the events a number of graduates involved in our soccer teams when they were at ASV sent messages of congratulations to our student-athletes”, he added.

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