ASV Summer Program: Enrollment Advanced in Preschool and Elementary


What makes the ASV Summer Program a successful activity year after year? Get an overview of the most valued features, according to the experience of its coordinator, Ms. Felicitas Berazay:

“We think that the keys of this success are the learning method, the focus on communication skills, and the PBIS framework in which all students receive positive feedback,” Ms. Felicitas. “The program has a remarkable loyalty rate: families come back year after year. We work hard to offer a consistent high-quality experience in English” she adds. 

English is the instructional language for regular classes but is also used during sports and other complementary activities. By promoting all kind of interactions in a new language, children learn in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Preschool and Elementary Classes Almost Completed

The enrollment process for the 2021 edition is open and ASV is offering in May the last places in Preschool and Elementary School.

ASV Families may be interested in the specific program for native and bilingual students. “The program for ASV students and students from other bilingual schools continues to deepen the skills learned throughout the school year (reading, writing, mathematics, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity) through fun projects, along with playtime, outdoor sports, and swimming pools,” Ms. Felicitas points out.

Alternatively, children in Grades 4-10 may join the ASV Tech Camp, a specific format focused on educational robotics, multimedia design, and programming.

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