ASV Students Going Abroad

Once again, the number of ASV graduates applying for international universities is remarkable and confirms the open mindset our students acquire following the ASV curriculum.

A total of 23 graduates of the Class of 2019 submitted applications to universities in the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and other European countries. According to the information the High School counselor collected in July, all have been admitted either with the IB  Diploma or the High School Diploma.

Among other prestigious institutions, ASV graduates were accepted at the following universities:

  • Canada: University of Toronto.
  • France: American University of Paris.
  • Netherlands: Avans University, Maastricht University, NHTV Breda University, Radboud University Nijmegen, Rotterdam University, The Hague University, University of Groningen, University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
  • United Kingdom: Birmingham University, Brunel University, Loughborough University, Southampton University, University of Essex, University of Liverpool, University of Westminster, University College of London.
  • United States: Boston University, Marymount California University, Ohio State University, Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania
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