ASV Students Enjoyed the 2018 Hockey Cup

On Friday, March 9, 2018 the students registered in ASV+ field hockey had a special field trip to attend the first day of the hockey tournaments known as Copa del Rey and Copa de la Reina. The group watched two games taking place at the Beteró Sports Center. In addition to this activity, the student-athletes had the opportunity to meet players from Barça and Junior Team, and they were able to get autographs from many of them. To wrap up the morning, the student-athletes had the opportunity to play some field hockey in the grass field. They were supervised by the ASV+ Coordinator, Ms. Escarlata Casas, and the PE teacher and field hockey coach, Mr. Andrés Sigalat.

These senior tournaments involve 16 teams: 8 from the Men’s Honor Division and 8 from the Women’s Honor Division, which are the top 8 positions of their league’s mid-season break. Games are being hosted by the Valencian Hockey Federation in Beteró and Tarongers, the two field hockey fields near the university area.

ASV Coach Working as Technical Video Analyst during the Hockey Cup

The Hockey Cup is being important for another member of the ASV community: the field hockey coach Vicente Orero. One of the teams competing in Valencia, FC Barcelona, hired coach Orero to work as video operator and he is developing recordings and tactical analysis for Barça coaches.

Video analysis is a key task for field hockey coaches and this includes an overview of the whole pitch and close views of key plays such as the penalty-corners.

Mr. Orero is applying his experience and knowledge as hockey coach (mainly for CH Xaloc and the Valencian Federation) and the specific training on video analysis acquired in workshops such as the recent one organized at ASV. We hope he enjoys the experience.

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