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Article at The International Educator

ASV is pleased to share that Ms. Amanda Bird (Director of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum) and Mr. Samuel Landete (Innovation and Technology Director) have published an article in The International Educator, a digital magazine with 30+ years of experience in international education. Their work focuses on “10+1 Ways” to effectively integrate technology into the classroom to save educators time and is divided in two articles: the first one appeared on May 8, 2024.

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ASV Infirmary Contributes to a Professional Conference

On June 1, 2024, Ms. Inma Requena and Ms. Silvia Chamorro, participated in a professional conference on school nursing organized by CECOVA (College of Nursing of Valencia). The event aims to raise awareness about the importance of implementing infirmary services across the educational system. Representatives of CECOVA remarked on “the specialized training and the solid professional experience” that any nurse should have in leading a school infirmary. 

Our nurses, Ms. Inma and Ms. Silvia,  contributed by moderating one of the conference  discussions.

Interview to ASV Dirtector as MSA Commissioner

A short interview of the ASV Director, Michael L. Smith, has been recently published on LinkedIn by the Middle States Association (MSA). It is part of a series of videos featuring the “highly experienced education professionals” who serve as MSA Commissioners in accreditation processes.

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