ASV Reading Week

The ASV Libraries celebrated Reading Week from Monday, February 12 to Friday, February 16. A range of games and activities were organized, first to promote reading and to bring that activity to the fore—but also as a way to connect fervent readers at the school with one another.

Too often reading is thought to be a solitary activity, but as we see in the Library every day, avid readers tend to gravitate to each other and form animated talking circles—and these centers of literary frenzy invariably attract others. Our goal in the Library, and one of the goals of our Reading Week, is to help these circles grow and thrive. See below for more details!

10@10 Initiative

The 10@10 initiative was a great success! Every day during Reading Week students and teachers alike stopped whatever they were doing at 10:00 to read for 10 minutes. Aside from the obvious benefits of reading and having a book at the ready for when the opportunity to read presents itself, the 10@10 is also about quiet, reflective, personal time outside the reach of screens—a moment to engage with a paper-based text and to connect with the inner thoughts that invariably run through an engaged reader’s mind. It is also a moment to enjoy a moment of peace, and silence—with others! As these pictures demonstrate, this event touched every section of the school and involved every learning space—indoors and outdoors. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Activities Led by the Elementary School Library

Miss Miriam Blasco, our intrepid Elementary Librarian organized a week’s worth of fun, book and reading-based activities and games for students to enjoy during their Library time. These events included Buddy Reads between our Grade 2-PreK2 and Grade 1-Kindergarten classes respectively, a create-a-bookmark workshop, a Book Cover contest, and a pin-the-book-on-Dogman game!

Thanks for Sharing Your Author’s Experiences!

Ms. Priya Mahadevan, author of Princesses Only Wear Pata-Pattas and and other kids’ books, Mr. Miguel Ángel Pla (author of Kalion. El código púrpura), were at ASV to talk about their experiences as writers on the occasion of the ASV Reading Week. In addition to these guests, our Performing Arts Teacher, Mr. Raúl Marco, held a chat with Preschool students introducing his book Tengo Miedo – Tinc Por.

Blind Date with Books in the Library

The Blind Date with a Book event—the first of its kind at ASV, was a success with our Middle School readers who came to a Library dressed up like a restaurant. Once there, a “menu” indicated reading “flavors” at different tables. From there our customers would read enticing blurbs written by student peers, picking the one they liked most and then checking out that mystery book for their “blind date!”

The organizing body was entirely composed of High School students. This amazing group of students, now intact, will continue to organize events and initiatives and spread their love of reading!

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