ASV Professional Development Day 2020

On Thursday, October 8, 2020 ASV students did not have classes as teachers and staff participated in the annual Professional Development Day.  This learning event was structured in four different sessions, offering a variety of differentiated professional learning workshops focused on current skills, especially technology integration, and understandings important to helping teachers and teaching assistants best serve our student’s needs.

Sessions were offered on recent updates to the online Google Suite used at ASV (Google Workspace, as it has been recently rebranded), and other topics such as guided reading, curriculum planning, literacy support, assessment, student special-needs support, techniques for providing meaningful feedback, EdPuzzle, Virtual Field Trips, Seesaw, ManageBac for IB Extended Essays and flipped classrooms.

Ongoing professional learning in contemporary teaching and learning skills and techniques is critical to ASV providing a top level educational experience to students and maintaining the highest quality in teaching staff.

Literacy Workshop with Ms. Jenny Killion

As part of our English Department Review process, the English department in Middle School and High School participated in a literacy workshop with Ms. Jenny Killion on Wednesday, October 7, 2020. ASV has been working actively with the support of Ms. Killian -an international educator currently based in Barcelona and experienced trainer in the Columbia University Reading and Writing Project-  to completely align the English Curriculum across all grade levels.

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