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ASV Nurses Presented at the Professional Conference “Updates and Advances in School Nursing”

The ASV Infirmary Team presented an oral presentation at the conference Updates and Advances in School Nursing, a professional event that took place on Saturday, January 20, 2024, at the headquarters of the Official Nursing College of Madrid. Ms. Inma Requena and Ms. Silvia Chamorro shared a clinical case study, demonstrating the process of attending a school accident and how this is part of the daily operations of the school’s infirmary services.

The conference was bringing together professionals from Madrid and other parts of Spain dedicated to healthcare in educational settings. Its goal was to showcase “the advancement in school nursing.”

Featured in a Report for Enfermería TV

Also last week, the ASV Infirmary was the subject of attention of the multimedia channel Enfermería TV. A reporter visited the shool facilities, followed the work of Ms. Inma Requena and Ms. Silvia Chamorro and recorded interviews in which our nurses explained how the infirmary service is organized.

Enfermería TV offers a wide variety of news and reports about this profession and its role in the health system. It is managed by the SATSE, which has 130,000 members in the nursing and physiotherapy professions in Spain.

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