ASV Language Days

Once again, Middle School and High School celebrated cultural diversity by holding the Language Day assemblies. On the occasion of UNESCO’s Mother Language Day (February 21), these school events aim to raise awareness on the values of language learning and highlight the diversity of our school community through music, dance and personal testimonials.

Middle School classes held part of their Language Day assembly on Wednesday, February 28 and will continue until Monday, March 2024. Students have also participated in special activities in their French and German courses.

The High School assembly on Thursday, February 29, was organized by the Grade 11 French classes. The event included poems in Hungarian, German and other languages, the performance of a traditional Scottish waltz, a song in Japanese and testimonials from ASV students about how they experience using various languages in their daily lives.

An additional presentation remarked on the importance of language inclusion throughout Sign language and Braille alphabet. A video featured more than 35 Students and ASV faculty-staff saying in their mother language the day’s motto: Let’s celebrate diversity! All different, all unique!

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