High School assembly

ASV Language Day 2023

Every year, the ASV World Languages ​​Team celebrates the cultural and linguistic diversity of the school community by holding the ASV Language Day. United in diversity was the motto of the 2023 event.

The assembly for High School classes took place on Thursday, May 18, 2023. A group of students read poems in different languages and showed presentations, videos and other creations promoting language learning. Some really entertaining were the lip-song recorded by the Grade 10 French class, the video reports of the recent trips to Paris and Gommern, and a presentation about the “Mur des Je t’aime”. A small group of Grade 6 students and Mr. MacLarty playing the accordion showed traditional Scottish dances.

The Middle School Assembly will take place on Monday, May 29, 2023.

ASV Alumni Joined the Celebration

This year, some ASV graduates participated in the ASV Language Day throughout short videos in which they talked about the role of languages in their academic and professional pathways.

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