ASV Joins the Official Mourning in Spain

American School of Valencia has joined the official mourning declared by the Spanish government honoring all of the victims of the COVID-19 health emergency. The school and the entire ASV community wishes to share its respect, grief, solidarity, and recognition to all those who have been affected as a consequence of the virus.  Consequently, ASV is joining with others throughout Spain to mourn at this sad and challenging time between Wednesday, May 27, and Saturday, June 6, 2020.

Although there are no specific regulations for official mourning in Spain, the usual procedure is to have flags flying at half-mast in official buildings, hold one minute of silence before beginning official meetings and assemblies (like today, at the Spanish parliament), and do not call for an official celebration or holiday.

To join this national tribute, ASV has implemented a special ribbon on its official communication channels, has released this official statement on the public and the community website, and is preparing additional actions that will be announced this Saturday on the school regular newsletter.

Once again and as we announced on April 9, 2020, our school community would also like to gratefully acknowledge and thank all of those professionals and healthcare workers, as well as, those working in other public services and essential industries.  All of them have carried out their responsibilities with great sacrifice and resilience during the confinement period, and thanks to their commitment,  Spanish society is able to proceed through the de-escalation process and the return to the new reality.  Caring in times such as these is what makes ASV such a special place.

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