ASV Expertise in the Reading and Writing Program

The literacy program used at ASV supports our students in the acquisition of reading and writing abilities.  This approach is followed all across the school, in grades K-12, and is based on the Reading and Writing Workshop model developed by the Teachers College of Columbia University.

In recent years, it is remarkable the work done by the ASV English department to expand this model to Middle School and High School, including the two grade levels in which the International Baccalaureate Diploma is offered. And not much time after doing so , the benefits are evident. “We have noticed higher engagement with the content from including student choice and individual and small group conferencing, and an improvement in students’ critical and creative thinking skills, ” Ms. Amanda Bird, Curriculum Coordinator at ASV, describes.

The English department’s work with Ms. Jenny Killion (see picture above), a colleague at the American School of Barcelona, has propelled the secondary curriculum forward: “As we continue to develop curriculum using the Workshop approach, and extend this work even to the IB course,  ASV has been invited by Dr. Mary Ehrenworth, Deputy Director of TCRWP, to present a workshop that focuses on the work we have been doing with the IB English A curriculum at the TCRWP Institute, a training forum focused on combining the best of the Workshop approach into the IB curriculum,” Ms. Bird announces.

ASV will be represented by Ms. Amanda Bird and Ms. KyleAnne Kiraly, who will run this virtual workshop at the Institute on February 22, 23 and 24, 2021. The activity is open to teachers in other international schools and schools in the United States applying the same approach in the IB programs: the Diploma Program, the Middle Years Program and the Primary Years Program

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