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ASV Earns MSA’s Program of Distinction in Athletics

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American School of Valencia is pleased to announce that the Middle States Association, Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) has officially approved the ASV’s Program of Distinction (PoD) in Athletics. The decision was communicated in an official letter on Thursday, June 9, 2022, and in The Standard, MSA’s official newsletter. With the announcement, our school completes the work initiated in September 2021 which included a comprehensive and evidence-based Self-Study and an MSA accreditation visit held in March 2022.

The Program of Distinction in Athletics is one of the eight MSA’s PoD available for accredited schools. It provides external validation of accomplishments in specific areas of expertise, in this case, outstanding work in facilitating students’ well-being by either participation in athletics programs or supporting the program as spectators. “ASV earned the distinction together with Mt. Lebanon High School (Pittsburgh, Pa, US), and is one of only two MSA accredited schools to earn this program,” ASV Director, Michael L. Smith, describes. “At this time, there are numerous schools in the US who are beginning the application process, but to date, ASV is the only international school to be accredited,” he points out.

In order to maintain this Program of Distinction, ASV must provide an update of any changes to the athletic or co-curricular programs in the MSA Mid-Term Report by May 2023, maintain the school’s MSA accreditation status in good standing, and continue to maintain the integrity and quality of the athletic and co-curricular activity programs.

ASV is beginning a similar planning process to earn another MSA Program of Distinction in World Languages. The ASV Community will be informed about it throughout the next academic year.

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