ASV DAY 2016. Call for volunteers

ASV Day 2016 is being celebrated on Saturday, October 8, 2016. This annual event is an opportunity to come together as a school community and share the ASV spirit. According to recent editions over 1,000 people may visit our campus to enjoy this event.

We will be offering a wide range of activities for children and adults and everyone wishing to volunteer and help at one of the multiple stands and food courts is welcomed. So, please use this Google sheet to add your contact details and times you will be available on that day. Once we have your details we will contact you.


Prepare your #ASVPaella

If you would like to enter the Paella Contest please email your team name and the number of people on your team to Prepare all the ingredients you need, the school will provide wood and rice and a area to cook at. All other ingredients must be supplied by you according to your recipe. All of the paella will be done by 14:00 h. to let our jury taste and decide who is the winner. And why not, you can share your recipe online by using the hashtag #ASVPaella.

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