ASV Celebrated World Book Day

Like so many events this year, World Book Day has been affected by the current health situation, and the school has not been able to hold large community celebrations. However, on Friday, April 23, 2021, teachers and students enjoyed a number of activities on the occasion of this special date observed in English and Spanish speaking countries.

Decorated Doors in Elementary School

Teachers in Elementary decorated the classroom doors with pictures of students reading in their favorite reading spot at home. Additionally, all classes enjoyed additional reading time and read alouds in class.

Read a loud videos in Spanish

During Spanish class, students shared the read aloud videos recorded by their parents this week. They enjoyed reading their favorite books.

Enhancing the ASV Library Digital Catalog

In the spirit of World Book Day, the ASV Libraries would like to encourage students to rate the library books they read for the benefit of other readers.  Additionally, the school is creating a new YouTube playlist for ASV Book Reviews. Students of all ages, as well as staff members, will be invited to create book review videos that can be shared specifically in this community forum. All approved book review videos will also be embedded into the Library Catalog so that students will be able to browse books in the Catalog, see ratings for the books they are considering, and also be able to see video book reviews made by other members of the school community.

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