ASV+ Captains Award (Collage)

ASV+ Captain Award 2021-2022

Within ASV+ and the athletic program in Elementary School and Grade 6, the coaches have been promoting the concept of “Why is a captain important?”. Student-athletes have worked on what it means to be a positive leader. In each team, all students have been taking turns to be captains for a week and after each season the coaches have chosen nominees in each group to be the best captain of the year.

Ms. Scarlett Casas, ASV+ Coordinator, is pleased with the result of this initiative: “All student-athletes have worked hard this year on getting to know what it means to be a captain and some of them have exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be prouder.”

ASV Captain Award is given to student-athletes who:

  • Come to training ready to start
  • Exemplify the ASV values (CARE)
  • Support their team losing or winning
  • Follow rules and help others follow rules
  • Are engaged during training
  • Can lead the warm-up for their team

Students earning this award received a badge which will be ironed to the right sleeve of their PE t-shirt.

Team Sports Tournament

Students enrolled in ASV+ Team sports from Grades 1-6 are playing a tournament from June 6 to 15 or 16, their last day of ASV+.

All enrolled ASV+ students have been placed in teams by color and are competing in Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer. Each team has a captain and every day the teams get to play two team sports. If the team wins they get two points, if they draw they get one point each.

As it always is, our main focus is that all students follow our values when competing and for this reason at the end of each competition day the coaches give two extra points to the teams that demonstrate the ASV values when competing.

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