ASV Ambassadors: Welcome to your new school

American School of Valencia is happy to welcome 100 new students to the 2017-2018 Academic Year, most of whom are joining Elementary and High School from other schools in Spain and abroad. The international curriculum and the use of English as instructional language helps them in this transition. But what if we make it more fun and involve the current students on welcoming the new community members? This is the purpose of the ASV Ambassadors Program.

On Saturday, September 9, 2017, 40 High School students and four staff members enjoyed a scavenger hunt in Valencia. The activity combined a sightseeing tour through “must-see” places in the city center and a clues game inside the Central Market. “We had a dossier with photos and we had to find some stands and answer questions about what they were offering”, ambassador Víctor Estela said. Nicole Memme, a new student from Canada in Grade 9, found this was an interesting way to discover Valencia: “We could see different foods, it is a different way to learn about the local cultura. And of course it was a lot of fun”.


Another new student, Lauren De la Torre, remarked how the Ambassadors program is making her integration to ASV easier: “I enjoyed meeting the younger grades. You got to know other people and you get involved in the school activities. I visited Valencia one year ago but I didn’t walk around with my parents”.

ASV Ambassadors’ work goes even further than this activity. The day before the academic year began they offered campus tours to all of the new families. In addition, each new student is paired with an ASV ambassador who helps and guides him/her with daily life at ASV. In Elementary School, homeroom teachers serve as guides for new students and ensure that the entire class embraces their new classmates.



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