Arts Day Updates

Just one week to the Arts Day 2016! The High School Art Department closed the program with the final list of workshops. As you know, students were invited to enrol their preferred activity from a list which included breakdance, hip hop, reggaeton, drama, sculpture, vocal and instrumental music, composition, technology, creative writing… The wide offer and the special performances and challenges make this Arts Day the biggest ever planned at ASV.

We invite our High School students to check this schedule:

9:30 h. – Advisory

9:40 h. – Workshops

11.04 h. – Break

11:15 h. – Workshops

12:20 h. – Workshops Performances

13:20 h. – Lunch

After lunch time there will be an origami challenge. Students will enjoy the burning of the ASV falla, the chocolate, and a special hip hop performance. check out the clues posted around HS to guess who is our special guest!

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