Student showing drawing

Art Field Trip for Grade 4

Grade 4 visited Valencia’s Fine Arts Museum on Friday, May 19, 2023. Students and teachers enjoyed its extraordinary painting collection and then spent a nice time in the Turia Park practicing observational drawing as a conclusion of what they have learned about landscapes this year.

“In the Art class, we talked about terms like foreground, middle ground and background and practiced with techniques to make our drawings more realistic,” Ms. Abigail Ramirez says. That is why the activity focused on the current exhibition on Joaquín Sorolla: “Students viewed the landscapes by Sorolla and his contemporaries with scenes from around Spain including Burgos, Girona and Valencia. One of the pieces that was of interest was a landscape of the Albufera, which we will visit on an upcoming trip in June,” our teacher adds.

At the park, teachers invited students to connect the exhibition and the content of the Art class and do their best to sketch what they saw. The trip also supported the Social Studies lessons on the Spanish regions.

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