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An ASV Student Team Will Represent Spain in the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge

The High School Math Department is happy to announce that the team composed of Claudia A., María C., and Iduna H. (Grade 11) has been selected to represent Spain in the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge (IMMC). Our students have achieved this honor after passing prior stages of this competition and being one out of three student teams -as we shared in March 2023- qualifying to participate in the final challenge.

IMMC is a mathematical competition addressed to High School students interested in the use of mathematics to solve real-life problems. At each stage of the competition, participants must analyze a given situation and submit a modelization proposal.

“In this last challenge, there was like a plot of land and we were given terrain statistics and other factors,” Iduna H. describes. “We first had to develop a mathematical way to determine the best investment in this area,” Claudia A. says. Consequently, students had to connect Mathematics with what they are learning in other subjects, mainly Geography and Business Management. “We had to understand the terrain and calculate profit and payback,” María C. adds.

Claudia, María, and Iduna had permission to not follow their regular schedule on April 3 and 4, 2023, to focus on the resolution of the challenge. “We researched a lot about the place and there was also a lot of brainstorming,” Claudia describes. “We ended up writing all over the windows. There were equations everywhere!,” Iduna recalls.

This is the second time ASV reaches the final stages of IMMC. In this 2022-2023 academic year, it is remarkable that two teams (both with Grade 11 students) have qualified and participated in the final challenge. However, the IMMC revision team is limited to submitting two proposals to represent Spain in the international challenge. Congratulations to both ASV teams.

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