ASV Girls Team

AMAC Basketball Tournament

The ASV senior basketball teams traveled last week  to Lisbon, Portugal to participate in the AMAC sports conference events for 2016. The tournament took place at CAISL (Carlucci American International School) campus. Students were hosted by families from the school community, completing the sport experience with a cultural exchange.

The tournament ran from Thursday to Saturday and the students “behaved in an exemplary manner, both on and off the basketball court”, Ms. Rhona Stapleton said.  Basketball Coach, Mr. Mike Melin, said “the standard of basketball was extremely high so it was an excellent achievement for both teams to finish in 4th position”.

Although our teams performed very well during the pool stages, “their good fortune sadly wasn’t to continue in the play-offs”, Ms. Stapleton said. ASV girls team were winning by a single point, with 0:00 minutes left on the clock, when the Referee awarded a foul against and the opposition scored to level the scoreline.  Disappointingly ASV lost by a narrow margin after a tense period of over-time.

At the same time, the boys team played “an extremely competitive play-off match”. Coach Melin reported that “Once again, luck didn’t favour ASV and after a rebound went astray, the opposition scored the crucial match winning basket”.

The tournament brought together teams from the American School of Rabat (Morocco), Carlucci American International School (CAISL) in Lisbon, Portugal, American Cooperative School of Tunis (ACST), and the American School of Valencia. An upcoming soccer tournament is being prepared for March 30 to April 3 in Alicante.

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