Domingo Carlos Salazar

Alumni Achievements: Interesting Findings on the Neanderthal Diet

A member of the ASV Class of 1999, is being recognized for an interesting finding on human evolution. Dr. Domingo Carlos Salazar, a biomolecular archaeologist, is the primary contributor of a recent paper on the diet of Neanderthals that concludes that their Eastern European populations had a rich diet with varied vegetables and bushmeat (mainly horse and bison).

Dr. Salazar has led the international research group that has determined the sources of nutrition of those hominids by analyzing particles fossilized with teeth.  All of the Neanderthal remains included in this research come from a famous cave in Southern Siberia.

This ASV alumnus is currently working for the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (Leipzig, Germany).

ASV is always proud to see the continued success and achievements of ASV graduates.

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