The ASV mission, beliefs and profile of the graduate are the foundation of our comprehensive and challenging curriculum in high school. The resulting academic program draws on elements of many educational, in particular the American system and the International Baccalaureate, and serves both international and Spanish students. The ASV curriculum is a cohesive program that focuses on developing deep understanding. Our approach to learning is an integrated one promoting inquiry, collaboration, and the development of social, emotional and global awareness. Students graduate proficient in at least two languages, English and Spanish. Communicating well in both languages is a goal fundamental to the mission of the school and for this reason, international students are strongly encouraged to continue their study of Spanish through grade 12.

Most importantly, high school is that exciting and challenging time in a young person’s life in which he or she develops his/her talents and aptitudes and sets long-term goals. We are dedicated to supporting our students in that process and believe strongly there are multiple and diverse paths to success. Our job is foster the characteristics outlined in the Profile of the ASV Graduate and provide the strong academic program whose successful completion open doors all over the world.