A Project Led by the World Languages Department Receives the eTwinning Quality Label

Every February, the World Languages Department leads a learning project in connection with the International Mother Language Day, a global event promoted by UNESCO.  ASV’s work in 2021 involved a large group of students learning French and German in Grades 9, 10 and 11, who collaborated with peers in other European schools to create a collection of multimedia projects focusing on language learning as a tool to understand the world. The result is visible on the International Mother Language Day 2021 site.

“Students teamed up to collect and share samples of literature, music, and traditions across multiple displays: a collaborative website, a Padlet digital board and even music playlists,” ASV World Languages Coordinator, Ms. Elena Martí, describes. “The goal was going beyond the walls of our schools and celebrating cultural and linguistic diversity, which includes the differences that enrich us, as well as the similarities that bring us together.”

The project was launched through eTwinning, a part of the inter- European Erasmus+ Program.  Thanks to a series of features such as methodological diversity, curriculum integration, level of student cooperation, visible results, and use of technology, the International Mother Language Day 2021 project has received the eTwinning Quality Label. This recognition is granted by the eTwinning Network authorities to highlight excellence and commitment with the eTwinning values.  Congratulations to Ms. Martí, the ASV World Languages Department and all of the participants.

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