“A memorable experience”. John Stapleton comments the 6th grade ski trip

The students in 6th grade recently completed a milestone in their latest year in Elementary School: the ski trip. One of their teachers, Mr. John Stapleton, related the most important facts of this activity and shared his feelings about the experience.

As it is usual, the ASV expedition went to Espot, a ski resort in the Pyrenees, 150 kilometers northwards the city of Lleida. The group had a long, tiring journey so the first day there was no time for skiing. Given that the group had “a vast range of abilities, from people who had never skied before to kids who are excellent skiers”, Mr. Stapleton explained, “we were divided into groups. The second day the beginners started to learn and the better skies started to explore the slopes.”

Days combined skiing with other activities at the hotel. “Sometimes it was playing games, sometimes it was going out to make snowmen. At other times we walked to the village… Nobody had time to be bored, I was sure”, commented our teacher.

Children are now back to school, coming back to their routines, but according to Mr. Stapleton the experience of going away with a big group of friends is fantastic. They become a little more independent, they start to think for themselves, and they grow for themselves. It is a lot of hard work for the people who go with them, but worth every minute for the relationships we build with the kids, for the relationships the kids build with each other”, he commented.

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