A Joint Effort to Celebrate Fallas

This year, the Spanish Department proposed some changes in the process of building our falla in order to make it easier and increase the integration with the school routines. Our High School Art teacher, Ms. Jackie, offered herself to lead the construction process coordinating the students’ work. Once we knew the the topic for 2015, comics, 6th graders made the monument’s sketch and our maintenance team built a timber structure which perfectly matched it. As it is usual, José Enrique and Javier will offer their knowledge during the challenging burning of the monument.

We decided to set up the construction area in the school atrium, a open, spacious place where all of the school community have been able to watch and enjoy the whole process. Throughout several weeks the Elementary classes come to this workshop to work on the monument: the process started cutting the characters, giving shape and volume with newspapers, and covering them with white paper which will be painted according the final design. Sometimes high schoolers joined this effort and helped. Everyone took care of even the smallest details and they got to feel like a real artista fallero.

We hope you enjoy the ASV falla on March, 13, as much as us. We invite all our community to read the enclosed programme and admire the digital version of our fallas brochure.

Mila-Casalvázquez_cut-outMila Casalvázquez
Spanish Department Coordinator

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