A group of American School of Bombay visited ASV

Sixteen High School students coming from the American School of Bombay visited ASV on Thursday, October 1, 2015. The group has been enjoying a one-week trip in Valencia experiencing our culture with host families and taking a wide range of leisure activities and visits.

As they are learning Spanish, the stay at ASV included a special class with Mr. Juanma Julià, the Spanish teacher for 7th and 9th grade, in which they learned more on Cervantes’ Quixote, as well as another period with Ms. Eugènia Bayarri, in which they exchanged information on culture and geography with our 9th graders. They also had a first lesson of valencià.

Advisory time was used for sports with other High School students before enjoying a paella lunch made by our chef, Manuel Díaz. ASV Activities Coordinator, Mr. Marc Boyer, prepared all what was needed for a nice time at our school and coordinated the visit with ASB teachers, Ms. Mina and Mr. Scott (former ASV English teacher).

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