Spanish University Entrance Exam

Spanish University Entrance Exam


ASV is proud to announce that the Class of 2018 earned a spectacular result of 8.43 in the Pruebas de  Competencias Específicas (PCE), which is formerly known as Selectividad.

The entrance grade for students applying for a university in Spain is a combination of the student’s record at ASV and the specific results in the exams formerly known as Selectividad. The Class of 2018’s PCE results of 8.43 are the highest in the distinguished 38 year history of the school and exceed the previous highest result from the Class of 2017, which was  8.37.

On  behalf of our entire ASV community, we would like to congratulate the Class  of 2018, their families and the school staff for their tireless dedication to excellence.


June 27, 2018