Join the ASV Running Virtual Club and Fight Hunger

Join the ASV Running Virtual Club and Fight Hunger

Action Against Hunger’s has an ongoing mission to help families in the Philippines who have dealt with natural disasters in recent years. The idea is that collectively the ASV community run or walk 12,000 kilometers which is the distance from Valencia to Manilla.

Participation for students, staff and families will be via the joining of a virtual run club on Strava to have the data regarding the distances achieved. Every member of the school community joining this club, will receive a ‘passport envelope’ for a donation to the campaign and will be invited to track walks or runs by using the Strava app.

Additionally, on June 16, 2021, ASV Middle School students will celebrate the final day of the campaign by holding a morning of walking and running activities prepared by Grade 11 CAS students.

Instructions to join the Strava Club:

  • Create an account if you do not have one. Use the website or the smartphone app (Android / iOS).
  • Go to Explore / Clubs and search for “ASValencia”. Join the ASV club.

Track your walks or runs (by using the app or adding them manually.

May 25, 2021