ASV 40th Anniversary

ASV 40th Anniversary

The school community celebrates this week the 40th anniversary of the American School of Valencia. On October 14, but in 1980, our school began its mission with an initial group of 27 students and six staff members in what today is the ASV’s Preschool building.  Children were 3 through 6 years old and were studying in PreKinder 1, PreKinder 2, and Kinder. The school, born as Colegio Hispano-Norteamericano, worked toward the official accreditation of the American curriculum through the Middle States Association during that first academic year.

The school was created by a group of visionary families and teachers who were committed to create an English-speaking school (as no other center in the area offered bilingual education) in which parents would be the shareholders.  The preliminary works to found ASV started in 1978 and included official enquiries to the Spanish education authorities, close support of the American embassy, and an agreement with the owners of the residential area “Los Monasterios” to have a portion of land and build an international school.

As part of the Annual Report published in June 2017, an insight on the foundation of ASV and interviews with four members of the founding group was offered to the school community. You can read those articles below.

The current ASV community is “sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree 40 years ago” . . . our founders.  ASV continues to face many of the same challenges that existed in 1980: providing a world-class education for our students, preparing graduates for their lives after ASV, maintaining and expanding the educational services and facilities, balancing the financial capacities of our school community with the financial necessities of maintaining a high-performance school, and recruiting and sustaining a world-class educational staff.  The school will work to offer more information about the ASV history through this 2020-2021 academic year and, hopefully, the anniversary will finish in Spring with a major event for all of the community depending on the global health situation.

October 17, 2020