600 students from 6 international schools played the VIS Cup at ASV

On Monday, November 10, 2014 American School of Valencia hosted the VIS Cup, a one-day tournament  in which over 600 boys and girls from 7th to 12th grade competed on the soccer field and the basketball court.

According to ASV Athletic Director, Andy Ojelade, VIS Cup complements the school´s physical education program as well as promoting team work and sportsmanship among high school students: “Basically we are trying to give the students as many opportunities as possible to experience competition, healthy competition”.  Yesterday was the first time ASV hosted “more than one sport tournament so it was a challenge”, Mr. Ojelade declared.

ASV players were selected for the team  by assessing sport skills, general performance and behavior. “The children know if they want to play on the team, they have to behave correctly in the school, they have to be on top of their work. Iit is complete package”, Mr. Ojelade explained.

ASV took first prize in four out of eight categories: Junior Girls Basketball, Junior Boys Soccer, Junior Girls Soccer and Senior Girls Soccer.“The most important thing is that the kids really enjoyed the day and played sport the right way. We talked a lot about making sure they know how to win and lose, and the importance of being a good team above all else”, Mr. Ojelade added.

Invited schools were British School of Alzira, British School of Valencia, British School of Vila Real, Cambridge House and Caxton College. Future VIS events will focus on other sports such as field hockey, volleyball, track and field, and swimming.


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