Preschool family reviewing student work

2023-2024 Learning Celebrations

Preschool and Elementary School were excited to host the 2023-2024 Learning Celebrations on Thursday, May 23 and Friday, May 24. Parents were invited to join the festivities and see the amazing work their children have accomplished throughout the year.


In the Preschool event, students guided parents and other visitors along a rotation of centers with many of the skills worked in class. Children were excited but not less when they had to sing or dance for their guests! In the Kinder classrooms, parents were treated to a review of their children’s writing projects. They also had the chance to relax and enjoy some quality time together during a free reading period in the park.

Elementary School

The Elementary Learning Celebration was an exceptional showcase of most of the learning goals achieved in each grade level since September. Teachers had prepared a combination of centers in varied subject areas, a showcase of writing projects and artwork, science experiments and shared games for students and parents.

Thank you to everyone who came for their enthusiastic participation. “Many parents expressed their gratitude for organizing this events and were impressed by the quality of the activities our faculty-staff put together,” PS-ES Principal, Ms. Nina Cortina stated. “They felt thrilled and proud to be part of our community!”, she added.

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