Visitors watching art video

2022 IB Visual Arts Exhibition

American School of Valencia ASV has exhibited the works created by 9 Grade 12 students following the Visual Arts course, 7 of them as part of the IB Diploma program and 2 as part of the High School Diploma. The exhibition was held on Friday, April 1, 2022, at the International Evangelical Church in Valencia. A number of teachers, other High School students and many family members attended the event.

The ASV Art Teacher, Ms. Christina Georgiou, was very proud of the quality of the works: “Lots of these students came with no prior art experience before starting the Art course. They have crossed many challenges on how to plan the piece, how to choose the materials and the process of mastering the technique”, Ms. Georgiou described.

This year, several students presented a set of paintings in varied styles and tones alongside other media such as photography, digital video, or sculpture. Among other themes, the artworks depicted questions such as “the impact of technological innovation on identity”, “the excitement for sports”, or “the conservation of the planet”.

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