2018-2019 ASV+ Hockey League

The season is over for the ASV+ hockey team in Grades 5 and 6 and our athletic staff is highly satisfied for the way students have competed in the two tournaments -field and indoor- organized by the Valencian Hockey Federation (FHCV) and the Foundation for Sport Activities in Valencia (FDM).

The ASV+ program organizes the activity following the school divisions -Elementary and Middle School- but the FHCV and FDM tournaments required a single team made of boys and girls in Grades 5 and 6. “Our first games were hard but a few weeks before completing the first leg of the league the team was fully coordinated and the new players were a positive contribution,” coach Vicente Orero remarked.

ASV numbers in both leagues were great. “The team has finished among the top three teams both in the field and the indoor tournament. Students have competed against other players who train four hours a week and their teams are focused on high performance,” Mr. Orero said, “while the ASV+ teams promote long-term growth and educational values.  I am very happy, congratulations to all of our players!”.

Some players said:

“We played against difficult rivals.” – José P. (Grade 6)

“We have been good team mates” – Ismael S. (Grade 6)

“It was my first year but I feel really good.” – Cayetana E. (Grade 6)

“The team has been very friendly” – Nirvana P. (Grade 6)

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