Service Projects in High School

Service Projects in High School

This school year we have continued to support our five chosen organizations, as well as to maintain our biweekly sandwich run to those in need on the streets of Valencia. Although all these activities come under the parameters of CAS (creativity, activity, and service), a core component of the IB diploma program,  they touch many students beyond those studying for the  IB diploma. Through participation students become aware of the world outside their bubble and how others might not have the same family life or opportunities that they themselves have. Read what some of them reflected on their experiences:


We visited the children’s home for a second time this Easter. Again, what I noticed was the happiness in the kids. Somehow, they seemed much happier than the first time. To be involved in this again was great.

After making the pizzas, I not only learned some new cooking ideas, but I learned that by coming to a place where people aren’t always happy how easy it is to make their day brighter.

Walking dogs at the shelter has shown me that there are numerous places in the community that rely on the help and collaboration of other people to do great things.

I noticed how easy it is to put a smile in a stranger’s face only with acts of kindness. I feel like I am very privileged and lucky to have enough food supplies every day, and I am able to prepare my own sandwich whenever I want to, and whenever I’m hungry.


During the year students: prepared over 100 sandwiches for people in need in Valencia; cooked meals for families whose children are receiving treatment at the Fe hospital: and who were staying at the Casa Ronald: organized craft and sports activities for the children at a home Real de Gandia; collaborated with AVAPACE; by serving food to the public at the Feria de Primavera, and walked dogs at the SOS Sagunto Dog Shelter.

On top of this a just over 1000 euros was raised  help cover medical costs for the care of the dogs and nearly 600 euros was raised to support the costs incurred in our other projects.


CAS Coordinators

Ms. Jackie Paarhuis / Mr. Marc Boyer


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