Learning Day for ASV+ Languages Groups

This week all the ASV+ Languages had their Learning Day, where parents had the opportunity to learn with their children vocabulary in French or German, play games or sing songs. We want to thank all the families who came it was a great experience and in the next few days all the families will recive […]

Group 4 Project. Presentations Day

Students taking science courses in 11th grade had the oral presentation of the activity Group 4 Project. During a special class time held at the theater on Friday, February 10, 2017, each team presented the result of a multidisciplinar research on food and nutrients to their classmates and the High School Science Department.  Teachers will […]

ASV Voices 99. February 11, 2017

Did you miss ASV Voices #99? By reading it, you will know that ASV hosted a National Junior Indoor Hockey Tournament. Save the date for the upcoming PBIS Parent Workshop with Dr. George Sugai, and learn new details about the High School and Elementary Yearbooks. Find the online copy on: ASV Voices 99. Saturday, February 11, 2017. English.