The Life of a Student-Athlete at American Universities

The Life of a Student-Athlete at American Universities

A group of 9th, 10th and 11th grade students attended a workshop about accessing American universities as student-athletes. Conducted by ASV Director, Mr. Michael L. Smith, the students received an overview of the American university system, admission requirements and the extraordinary dimension of sports at American universities. They learned which variables are taken into account, including High School grades, SAT or ACT tests results, personal essays, and their athletic level.  

Regarding athletics, Mr. Smith offered some interesting statistics about the most popular university sports, and the challenges and opportunities offered to student-athletes at the university level.  Although not all international student-athletes have a sufficient athletic level to earn athletic scholarships, Mr. Smith pointed out that international student-athletes with an above-average athletic level have some additional advantages due to their multilingual and multicultural backgrounds and have opportunities to earn partial academic scholarships. The session concluded with a trivia-style game asking about fun facts about American university life!

Communications Coordinator at American School of Valencia.


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