First Week of Foxborough Students at ASV

Foxborough students finished their first week at ASV travelling to Peñíscola with their exchange mates and the ASV Community Activities Coordinator, Mr. Marc Boyer. From Monday to Thursday they attended classes in 9th and 10th grade following an assigned schedule according to their age and their academic program in FRCS. “Your curriculum and the instruction […]

Fallas Workshop: Ready to Build Upon the Structure

The third and fourth grades have dedicated great time and effort throughout the week. These students applied background and spirit to give each of our pieces its own little personality. They’ve even started adding color! We’re now awaiting the arrival of the Fallas structure. The structure will be 2.5 meters tall, with a 5.2 meter […]

International Mother Language Day 2016

The 11th grade French class, supported by the High School World Languages Department, prepared the special assembly celebrating the International Mother Language Day. Students suggested and prepared a variety of contents for this event including a presentation highlighting the importance of mother languages, a multilingual poetry show, music performances, dances representing several cultures, and two […]

Jueves del Arte. Activity Plan for March and April

Our Art teacher, Ms. Paula Jover, recently released the activity plan for the extracurricular club Jueves del Arte. Students in grades 11 and 12 already know the array of museums and galleries to be visited in March and April. The schedule includes several museums and the recently restored church of San Nicolás, finishing with the traditional clue […]

Grade 12 Important Information

Coming into the final months of school for the 12th grade students, here are some very important dates parents and students may keep in mind: ▪ February 24: Parent Meeting for IB Diploma Students: We will discuss the upcoming deadlines, May exam procedures, process of receiving results, legalizing the diploma, and answer questions. 15:30 to 16:30 […]

ASV Challenge+ and Basketball Tournament

On Saturday, March 5, 2016, we are going to hold in our facilities the ASV Challenge+. All our ASV+ Robotic students are invited to participate in this competition which can classify them for the World Robot Olympiad which will be held in Valencia before the end of the school year. Also in March 5, 2016, […]