Preschool Assemblies

On Friday, Preschool classes held their weekly assembly and celebrated their accomplishments. Students from Ms. Laura’s class shared their “published” non-fiction books, and all students sang a song called H-E-A-R-T to celebrate S. Valentine’s Day. These assemblies are also used to develop the PBIS program, recognizing and reinforcing good behaviors at these early ages.

4th Grade helping Kapita School

One of the goals of ASV is to teach our children to be caring, globally conscious and internationally-minded, which is why the ASV has chosen to support the Kapita School project in Zambia another year. It is our belief that by working together as a school and foundation, we can make a positive impact on […]

Get Ready for the High School Arts Day

Friday, March 11th is our 8th Annual Arts Day for students in 7th through to 12th Grade. We know that many of our students have creative interests which stretch beyond our normal curriculum. Arts Day provides a break from our normal schedule and the opportunity for students to spend an extended period of time in […]

Updates on the Fallas Workshop. Week 2

It’s been a marvelously messy week of paper mache in the Fallas studio. Parents and teachers accompanied grades one through five during this crucial activity. Not afraid to get their hands slimy and sticky, everyone dove into gallons and gallons of mache. A great deal was accomplished this week, but we’ll need to keep up […]

Foxborough Students Arrive at ASV

The twelve global exchange students from Foxborough Regional Charter School (FRCS) arrived at the American School of Valencia and were greeted by their host ASV students, Ms. Elena Corchs and Mr. Michael L. Smith. After lunch and some refreshments, ASV students provided a tour of the ASV campus to their respective FRCS student, received their […]

ASM Ensembles Performed at ASV

Three music ensembles from the American School of Madrid visited the school campus to offer two short concerts for ASV staff and High School students. The programme included a variety of pieces performed by the Upper School Choir, the Upper School Classical Ensemble and the Upper School Jazz Band, all of them conducted by Ms. Joy Enfield […]

Preparing the Reading Week

Planning for Reading Week 2016 has begun! This year we will be bringing some writers to the school to give readings of their work. We know that there are some parent authors in the ASV community as well. Please let us know if you would be interested in reading to our students as part of […]

Students Enjoyed an Interactive Music Show

On Thursday February 11 we hosted a music show performed by the ensemble Tin Men and the Telephone for grades 5 through 8. This music trio based in Amsterdam offered an innovative show which included jazz pieces, multimedia effects and interactive games. Students were invited to participate by using their cell phones or tablets. It was […]