Academic Year 2016-2017 School Fees

Families of enrolled students must pay an Enrolment Fee, during the enrolment process, and a monthly payment including the Regular Fees, Tuition and Lunch, during the school year. Additional concepts are the School Materials Fee, the Monthly Bus Fee (only students using this service), the Capital Fee and, if applicable, the IB Diploma Expenses.

Regular Fees, Tuition and Lunch

Nursery € 537,5 (per 10 months)
Preschool € 607 (per 10 months)
Elementary School € 643 (per 10 months)
High School. 7th to 11th grade. € 707,5 (per 10 months)
High School. 12th grade € 786,5 (per 9 months)
(Mandatory Lunch Fee is included: 106,5 euros monthly)

Please, find more details by downloading the School Fees and Payments document. Contact the ASV Business Office if you have any question on included services and features.

2017-2018 School Fees and Payments (ES/EN)