All students who meet the graduation requirements earn an American High School Diploma. In addition, students must decide whether to participate in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and/or the Spanish National Program. ASV was authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in the 2004-05 school year by the IBO organization. Since that date, students at ASV have the option of following the IB Diploma Program alone or in combination with the Spanish National Program. This is an important decision that ASV students make in collaboration with their family, guidance counselor and high school administration.
Students have three options:

  1. Spanish National Program.
  2. IB Diploma + Spanish National Program.
  3. IB Diploma.

Students in 12th grade also receive classes in Spanish for science and mathematics in order to prepare them for the Selectividad exam.

The ASV High School Diploma is required for all Spanish nationals (except for special circumstances and with written approval of the H.S. Principal) and leads to convalidación (official recognition and acceptance) of the diploma with the Spanish Ministry of Education and subsequent registration for the Selectividad exam at the end of the 12th grade.

American High School Diploma Graduation requirements

4 years of attendance in Grades 9 through 12 at ASV or another accredited or recognized institution at the high school level.

The accumulation of the following credit units:
4 credits of English.
4 credits of Spanish Language and Literature.
4 credits of Social Science.
3 credits of Mathematics.
3 credits of Science.
1 credits of Physical Education.
19 credits in required subjects and 7 additional credits in elective subjects.
26 credits total for graduation.

Admission into Spanish universities

Admission to a Spanish university requires that ASV students meet the following criteria: The student has passed 10th grade which has subsequently been validated as Título de Graduado en Educación Secundaria. The student has achieved a ASV High School Diploma which has been validated as Título de Bachillerato.   The student has passed the Selectividad (Spanish university entrance exam).

Recognition of American Studies by the Spanish Ministry of Education:

Upon completion of the 10th grade, validation of the Título de Bachiller is processed by the school.

A minimum of 16 credits is required including the subjects of Spanish Language and Culture in accordance with the Royal Decree 806/1993, art. 11, May 28th (B.O.E., 149, June 23rd 1993.

Students who have transferred from other schools should have their studies validated by the Spanish educational authorities prior to admission to ASV. Special cases will be reviewed individually by the ASV Administration.

Once a student has finished 12th grade and obtained the ASV High School Diploma, recognition of studies equivalent to Título de Bachillerato is procured from the Spanish Ministry of Education.

The School will arrange for those students who have obtained a High School Diploma, and who meet the requirements established by the Technical Secretary of the Spanish Ministry of Education, to take this test which is specifically designed for students coming from recognized and validated foreign studies centers. The test material is in Spanish and is made up of the following parts and distributed over two days.

Part I: General Phase, compulsory (can be convalidated with the IB Diploma):
Text Analysis and Spanish Language.
Spanish History.
Student must choose one subject from their course of study:
Technology or Science: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technical Drawing.
Humanities: World Literature, Geography, Art History, Mathematics.
Each subject is scored on a scale of 0 to 10 points and the average of the four makes up the final score for the General Phase.

Part II: Specific Phase (optional):
Students must choose up to three subjects from their course of study:
Technology or Science: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technical Drawing.
Humanities: World Literature, Geography, Mathematics.
Each subject is scored on a scale of 0 to 10 points and only the two best scores are taken into account.

University Entrance Score.
The following formula is used to determine the overall University entrance score:
Overall University Entrance Score = 0.6 ASV + 0.4 GF + aSP1 + bSP2.

ASV = Average of marks from ASV in grades 11-12.
GF = General Phase score.
SP1 and SP2 = The two best scores in Specific Phase.

a, b = ponderation parameters (they could be 0.1 or 0.2: depends on the College and University Course selected by the student)

Note; it is possible that educational policy changes affecting Spanish university admission and academic program are made during the year by the Spanish government. The school informs the students and families as soon as the changes are made public and official, but sometimes the changes are applied retroactively.

Due to Spanish University entrance exams, the 12th grade calendar is designed to complete the academic year in mid-May in order to submit academic records to the Spanish Ministry of Education UNED by the established deadlines. For the remainder of the school year the student schedule is modified to allow for an in-depth review of subjects considered to be of prime importance for the exam.