Board of Governors

The American School of Valencia is legally formed as a limited liability corporation in the Kingdom of Spain, with all of its capital established by shares held predominantly by the parents of registered students at the school.

The Board of Governors is the highest executive body of the American School of Valencia, and its members are ratified in the General Shareholder’s Meeting. The members of the Board of Governors are parents of registered students at the school, who strategically plan the future ad long-term success of the school, provide financial oversight and offer community leadership. Daily operations are carried out by a professional team of school leaders for both academic and financial matters.

The Board of Governors is charged with the primary responsibility of:

1. Providing strategic planning and policy guidance for the future and long-term success of the school.

2. Providing fiduciary oversight of the financial operations of the school, including approving all annual school fees.

3. Hiring and evaluating the Director.

4. Building a strong and engaged school community.

Through the General Shareholders Meeting, which is announced publicly and held each year, every shareholder is provided the opportunity to ratify the management plan being carried out (or that will be carried out) by the Board of Governors.

The ownership of the school belongs, generation after generation, to parents with a clear interest in the school and the education of their children. Consequently, the success of ASV is the result of the constant effort of successive generations, designed by parents as shareholders of the school.

Current Members

President: Dr. Alberto Domingo
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. MSc. Architectural Management and Design.
Lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), at the University of Tokyo (Japan), and at the University of Antioquía in Medellín (Colombia).
Vice President: Mr. Francisco Estela
Industrial Technical Engineer. Maîtrise d’Electronique-Electrotechnique et Automatique.
Expertise on Renewable Energy, IT companies and global investments.
Secretary / Ex Officio Member: Mr. Mariano Durán Lalaguna
Member: Mr. Juan José Clemente
Civil Engineer. MSc. Ouvarges d’art en la Universidad ParisTech.
Manager in a consultancy firm. Lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
Member: Dr. Irene Comeig
Member: Ms. Anja Gerken
Member: Dr. Begoña Giner
Ph.D. in Economics. MSc in Accounting and Finance.
Professor of Financial Economy and Accounting at the University of Valencia (Spain).
Member: Mr. Joaquín Martínez Gómez
Degree in Economics and Business Management.
Technician in General Administration at the Generalitat Valenciana. Currently working as Technical Assistant in the R&D High Consulting Council (President’s Office, Generalitat Valenciana). He is also Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Department of Economic Structure, of the University of Valencia, (Spain).
Member: Ms. Maribel Pastor
Nursing Graduate.
Director of a real-state group. Manager in the hospitality business and in childhood education.
Member: Dr. Miguel Peris
Ph.D. in Chemistry.
Professor of Food Analysis at the Faculty of Agronomy, Department of Chemistry, Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).
Member: Dr. Javier Sánchez
Ph.D. in Business Administration.
Full Professor of Marketing at Jaume I University, Castellón (Spain).